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Gear up for a campervan holiday

by Dabs Banner

Campervans are ideal for holidays; indeed, it is pretty much the whole point of buying a campervan or campervan conversion in the first place. They offer an opportunity to take to the road in complete freedom and to follow your fancy wherever you please.

However, like any other getaway break, a campervan holiday needs some advance planning if you are going to get the best out of the experience. Preparation is all-important when it comes to getting the most out of holiday breaks in a campervan.

As well as the distinct advantages of freedom of movement, self-reliance and staying where you like for as long as you want, there are some disadvantages too. Campervan space can be at a premium; security can be an issue in secluded spots and driving long distances can prove tiresome.

So here are just a few tips on making the best of your holiday in a campervan or motorhome.

Take care with the packing +

A campervan is very much a home on wheels but don't pack it full of stuff you won't use. Space-saving features are a real bonus, but there is no need to cram every nook and cranny.

What you take with you will depend on the sort of holiday you prefer. Some may use a campervan for washing, sleeping and not much else.

Meals can be eaten in cafes, pubs and restaurants and, if this is the intention, there is little point in packing cupboards with pots and pans.

Keen walkers and trekkers, for example, may use kitchen facilities for nothing more than brewing hots drinks and preparing sandwiches.

Clothes can be put into foldaway or disposable bags, so you don't end up with an empty suitcase when you arrive and unpack.

Give yourself plenty of time +

Setting off with a destination in mind is all well and good. But be sure to give yourself plenty of time to park up and prepare the campervan once you arrive.

It's always a good idea to arrive at a campsite in daylight so you can find the best place to park. You may need time to unwind after that long drive. Nothing can fray tempers more than trying to find a pitch in the dark when you are tired and hungry.

Much the same applies in the morning of your departure. Allow plenty of time to wash, dress, breakfast and pack. And it's a good idea to have some sort of checklist, so nothing is forgotten in the packing to leave.

In this respect, it is often a good idea to book a hotel or bed & breakfast for the first and final nights of the holiday. It may seem perverse to book rooms when using a campervan but first and last nights are

The first night of your break, you will want to relax and get into the holiday mood. The same thing applies to the last night and the final leg of your getaway.

Power up before you go +

Many people don't appreciate just how much electricity they use in the course of a standard day. Kettles and hairdryers obviously use plenty of power but so do laptops and other electronic items.

Most campsites these days will have electric hook-ups, but it is worth checking out before you arrive. If you plan to do some wild camping in the hills, then you may want to think about hiring a small generator to take on your travels.

Solar panels can be useful to keep gadgets and other campervan facilities charged up when not on the move. Having some extra power on board means you can still enjoy the little luxuries of life even when off the beaten track.

One of the significant advantages of a campervan holiday is to be able to decide in the view from the window, and there is nothing like a wild mountain backdrop to enjoy over breakfast.

Be spontaneous on your holiday +

The main point of a campervan holiday is the freedom to go wherever you please. If you don't like a particular location you are not stuck with it – climb aboard and move on.

Not being tied to a fixed location means you can be a spontaneous as you like and even chase the sunshine. You may have decided to visit a particular place, but if it is raining there, you are free to choose another and head off in an entirely different direction.

People who choose campervan holidays tend to be the outgoing, friendly and welcoming sort so make sure to introduce yourself to fellow travellers. They will often have plenty of tips and advice on where to go and what to do and are only too happy to share their experiences.

Campervan holidays lend themselves to last-minute changes in plans. You can have an itinerary all planned, but if someone suggests a new location that appeals to your sense of adventure, you are in the ideal position to stray off-grid.

The advice is not to be rigid in your outlook and keep your options open. Campervan holidays offer and chance to embrace freedom and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. If you have prepared well in advance and covered all the basics there is no reason in the world to stop you having the time of your life.

There are plenty more getaway tipsto consider before setting out on your campervan holiday.

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